Name: Vrandt Blackspike

Race: Echidna

Occupation: Warrior

Vrandt was just an infant when he came to a hedgehog couple, the Skyspikes, in a crate they found washed up on the beach. They had no idea how he got in the crate. No note was with him, so they raised him as their own son.

Vrandt had a happy life for a long time, but tragedy struck when he was ten seasons of age. He was away from the family's hut fishing down the beach when he heard screams. He turned to look. . . a small boat and wave vermin were attacking his home!

Vrandt grabbed the closest thing to paw, a chisel he'd been using to pry clams open. Wielding it like a dagger, the young echidna tore back toward his family. When he came within visual range of the vermin, Vrandt saw red. All he remembered was screaming "Blackspiiiiiiiiike! Death on the wind!!!!" By the time he regained consciousness, night had fallen. The wavescum lay in their own blood around him, the chisel was still imbedded in a rat's chest.

Vrandt was horrified. What monster could have done that? He looked through the house. . . his family's bodies weren't there, they had to be alive somewhere! In desperation to find out what happened, he visited Salamandastron. The Badger Lady told him about the bloodwrath.

Guilt-stricken, Vrandt ran into the swamp, hoping he'd be killed. He met up with Wartgor, and they formed a strong bond. A day after their meeting, the pair rescued Morrighan Stormryder from a swamp.