Name: Morrighan Stormryder

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: River/Sea Otter mix

Family: Coyle Stormryder - father

Appearance: Morrighan is tall with a long rudder and glossy black fur. Her eyes are a dark whiskey brown. She dresses simply in a blue tunic and blue and green tartan kilt that doesn't hinder movement. Life aboard ship has taught her that being unhampered is a necessity.

Personality: Morrighan is quite quiet and reflective, she has seen and done much in her life. Life on the sea can be harsh and that in itself has molded her personality. She does not take nonsense kindly and is forthright when going for what she wants. She does not mince words. She is also, beneath the tough exterior, more loving and empathetic than she likes to let show, or that people give her credit for. She's often reflective, lost in thoughts of the past, and thoughts of the future. She can come off as being cold.

Morrighan remembers everything about her past life.

History: Morrighan was born aboard ship and grew up either on her father’s ship or on the coast. Her father’s ship was engaged in an ongoing battle for territory and principal with vermin crews along that stretch of coastline. One day the ship that she was sailing aboard was taken and most of the crew killed in the battle. Those who were not killed outright were dropped overboard to fend for themselves in the waves. She struggled to shore, and did not find any survivors nearby so struck out for the nearest signs of civilisation.

Skills and weaponry: Morrighan is skilled in sailing as that's what she has known for her whole life. She has never had need to learn the bow although is interested in it. She fights with the sword and keeps twin claymores strapped across her back, ready for whatever may come. She can also fight with a dagger if the necessity arises.

Morrighan is captain of her own ship now, a galleon she-- jokingly, at first-- named the Blood Eagle. The name stuck and spread among others, striking terror into the hearts of enemies, and she decided to keep the name.