Dalanora Mackenzie

Gaelic spelling of her name: Dalanora (Scots Gaelic) MacCoinnich (son of Coinneach)

Nickname: "Black Lightning," by her mother

Gender: Female

Species: River otter

Age: Twenty-two

Parents: Cailean (Colin) and Moira Mackenzie

Place of Origin: A holt in the far northlands

Cause of Death: 

Life as Dalanora O'RallaghaighEdit

Dalanora was born to the MacCoinnich (Mackenzie) family. She was born with coal-black fur, emerald-green eyes and a strange tan birthmark on her head, a birthmark that made the babe look like she was wearing an executioner's hood.

Her mother was Briaunna, her father was

Pre-Slavery Dalanora married Tallion O'Rallaghaigh, and they had four young kitts, two boys, Jir and Varon, and two daughters, Driana and Acair.

Under Garanis' Whip

420px-Dalanora by Jump

Dalanora MacCoinnich Ó Raghallaigh after her slavery, plotting her revenge

Dalanora lost her left eye to a slaver's axe. When she saw her kitts killed in front of her, she went into bloodwrath for the first time.

She chose the name "Nightdeath" because

After gaining her freedom

Nightdeath vowed to hunt Garanis down and kill him. It took three more seasons, but the wolverine finally fell to her blade and her teeth.

Feeling she had nothing to live for after completing her vengeance quest, she walked into a swamp and let it pull her under. "Ah cannae let mah body be recovered. Tallion, ah'm comin."

She was met at the Gates of Dark Forest and turned back. "You won't be able to live as Dalanora, but you must live," she was told. The Highlander was shocked.

She was reborn as Morrighan Stormryder.